NAMA Offers Donation at School Committee Meeting

North Andover Music Association (NAMA) President, Martin McGrath, and Treasurer, Kim Hearst, were pleased to present $25,683 in donations to the North Andover Public School music programs during the June 2nd School Committee meeting!

NAMA has long supported the great demands of the High School music program. This year, in addition to maintaining its role at NAHS, NAMA stepped up in a greater way to meet the specific needs of Middle and Elementary School music programs. The following beneficiaries received substantial financial assistance this year:

  • The NAMS Chorus program received $11,035 for the purchase of a new Yamaha baby grand piano, piano dolly, cover, and lock. The new piano will be better suited to the teaching environment and to performances of the NAMS choral groups.
  • Thomson Elementary School received the requested $1,165.00 towards the purchase of a music classroom seating rug and the repair of broken musical instruments.*
  • The NAHS Chorus program received funds for: 1) new dresses, tuxedos, and garment bags (used to protect concert apparel when traveling to competitions and away performances); and 2) bus transportation to the MICCA Gold Medal Showcase, which was held at Mechanics Hall in Worcester after both ensembles earned Gold Medals at the earlier MICCA competition in Norwood, MA.
  • The NAMS Band received funds for new cymbals, and the NAMS Jazz Band received support for clinician sponsorship.
  • NAMS and NAHS students who performed in this year’s select Massachusetts Music Educators’ Association All State Conference received support from NAMA, and students from NAHS and NAMS who performed in the select MMEA Junior Districts ensembles received support for bus transportation.
  • The NAMS Band and Chorus  ensembles received support for their participation in the 2016 Great East Festival.
  • The four NAHS Band and Choral Ensembles received funds from NAMA in order to provide need-based scholarships to students participating in the World Strides Heritage Music Festival trip to Williamsburg, VA this April.
  • NAMA provided financial assistance for the annual North Andover Jazz Night held at NAHS.

NAMA is very grateful to the businesses, organizations, and individuals who, by direct contribution and participation in fundraisers throughout the year, have made this substantial donation possible and furthered NAMA’s mission to support a positive experience for all students in the North Andover Public School music programs.

Photographed: NAMA President, Martin McGrath, and Treasurer, Kim Hearst speaking at the school committee meeting on June 2 (and evidently having just a little bit too much fun)

*This donation was not included as part of the sum presented to the School Committee; however, it is included here as a demonstration of the extent of NAMA’s capacity — thank to generous donors — to support music programs in all our schools including, increasingly, our Elementary schools.


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