Chorus Schedule: February 29 – March 4

Week at a Glance

(Please scroll all the way through the information below, thank you!)

Tuesday, March 1: Election Performances
Students have the opportunity to sign-up to perform out in the hallways during the elections. We will
set up a donation bucket. All earnings will go towards our trip.

Wednesday, March 2: 8th Grade Recruitment Performance
The NAHS Music groups will be performing for the 8th graders. The performance will be held in the
NAHS Auditorium. Students will be released from their classes at 9:15 and will return by 11:15.
Permission slips for teacher signatures are available in both the band and chorus rooms.

Thursday, March 3: Scarlet and Black Singers Rehearsal

Friday, March 4: Coffee House at 7pm-10pm in the NAHS Cafeteria
Tickets are $5.
Students must sign-up by Tuesday, March 1 to perform at the coffee house.
All students have the opportunity to sell tickets for the week leading up to the event. They will
receive ½ of what they sell towards their individual trip accounts. Tickets must be returned during class on Friday.



Tuesday, March 8:
Based off of last week’s rehearsal, we decided that we need more rehearsal time with the pianist for
our pieces.
Cookie Dough Delivery
The cookie dough from the fundraiser is being delivered. Since it needs to be refrigerated, everyone
MUST pick up their cookie dough by 4pm on this day, otherwise it will spoil.

Tuesday, March 15: Trip Meeting at 6:30pm in Chorus Room
All students and a parent must attend this mandatory trip meeting. We will be passing out final packets and forms. Please notify Mrs. Durkin if you are unable to attend.

Wednesday 3/16, Thursday 3/17, Friday 3/18: Scarlet and Black Singers Auditions
Students who are interested in auditioning for next year’s Scarlet and Black Singers must audition on one of these days. Audition materials are available in the chorus room.

Thursday, March 17: Scarlet and Black Singers Rehearsal
After Finals! Time TBD.


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