Band Freshmen: DOT Book Information

Hello Band Freshmen, and Welcome! We look forward to meeting you at Band Camp next week! Many people have asked about Dot Books. You DO need to bring one to Band Camp, as they are not provided. However, they are cheap and easy to come by, we’ve gotten ours at Staples the last couple of years. See below for a brief description, and feel free to contact us at if you have further questions!


  • Bound set of lined index cards
  • Used for students to diagram their “dots” – positions on the field during field drill (marching)
  • Binding can be either spiral, or a single metal ring with plastic covers and elastic strap fastener (we use the ring binder type, they seem to last longer and can be attached to a beltloop, fanny pack, etc.)
  • Usually 3×5 inch
  • Pencil recommended for use with Dot Book

Metal ring binder w/ plastic cover & elastic fastener:                                      Spiral-bound pack:




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