Fall Jackets: Reorders and New Orders

Fall Jackets: Reorders and New Orders

Attention students and parents who ordered music department jackets:

Due to sizing issues, there will be one more opportunity to order music department jackets this week. Please email Kristine Murphy directly at murphman@comcast.net if you are interested.

If you are reordering a jacket because the first one did not fit, you will receive a discounted price of $40. Please email me your (or your student’s) name and the new size you want. I will submit the order with all the original embroidery and I will email a new invoice to you.

If you are ordering a jacket for the first time, you will pay the original price of $57. Email me and I will send you a new order form.
Please respond by Monday, October 15th as we want to get this order in promptly!

Thank you,
Kristine Murphy
NAMA President


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