Seeking Host Family for Exchange Student

The Rotary Club will be sponsoring an exchange student from Lima, Peru for the coming school year and she needs a home starting in about mid-August, 2015! Her name is Adriana, she is 17 years old (will be 18 in October) and one of the top 15 students in her class. The Rotary Club arranges for students to live with three different families throughout the year so they get a variety of family experiences, so your commitment to host would be only about three-and-a-half months.

The Reardon family hopes to host Adriana but can’t do it until second trimester, so they are trying to help find her first family placement and thought the NAMA family would be the perfect place to start. They’ve found the music programs at North Andover provide a warm and welcoming environment and think a family with a student involved in band or chorus would be ideal hosts who could get Adriana connected to a great group of kids!

If you have any interest or want more information, please contact Kim Reardon at:  or (978) 683-6815

The Rotary contact person is:

Bob Ford
Rotary Club of North Andover
(978) 681-0066

Hosting an exchange student can be an incredibly rewarding experience for your family, providing an international experience without leaving home. Host families provide room and board and share their lives with exchange students, involving them in family, community, and cultural activities.


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