CHORUS: LA Trip – School Nurse

CHORUS: LA Trip – School Nurse

Good afternoon chorus parents,

For those students who are attending the chorus field trip to California…there will be a nurse traveling with the chorus trip this Friday.  Mary Pallazola is one of the district nurses who will be with your students. A few things for students who are taking medications with them on the trip. Medications must be in a pharmacy container labeled with the student’s name, medication, dose and time.  Medications should be given to the nurse who will arrange times with your student for administration. Your students should take their medication with them on the plane and give them to the nurse at the hotel. She will keep them in the safe in her hotel room.  Inhalers, asthma medications and allergy medications may be kept with the student in their hotel rooms.
If your student has a life threatening allergy and requires an Epipen, please make sure they have it with them.  If your student has asthma and needs an inhaler, please make sure they have it on the trip.  If your student has Diabetes, please be sure they have their Glucagon kit, testing kit, enough insulin for the duration of the trip and all necessary supplies.
Please call with any questions.  I hope your children have a fabulous trip!

Lauren McDonald, RN, NCSN

North Andover High School Health Office
430 Osgood Street
North Andover, MA 01845



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