Chorus Schedule: April 11 – 17, & VA Trip!


TRIP MONEY AND FORMS: DUE ASAP—we leave this week, after all!!

Tuesday, April 12
Dress Rehearsal in Auditorium
**It is CRUCIAL that EVERY student going on the trip attend this rehearsal! Sports and work conflicts should be discussed with Mrs. Durkin ASAP so a compromise can be reached with the coaches. Students should NOT wear their choral uniforms for this rehearsal.
5:00- 6:00: Concert Choir
6:00- 7:00: Scarlet and Black Singers

Wednesday, April 13

Thursday, April 14: Depart for Trip!!
5:00am: Report to NAHS for meeting and bag check
6:00am: Depart for Virginia!!

Friday, April 15

Saturday, April 16

Sunday, April 17
Return from Virginia
9:00pm: Due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, (or lack thereof!) etc., our arrival time is an approximate arrival time. Please keep in contact with your child to make sure everyone is prepared for the correct arrival time.



ENJOY YOUR VACATION!!! It has been a crazy 3 weeks! 

Wednesday, May 11: ALL TOWN CHORAL CONCERT (tentative date due to town meeting, final TBD)

Tuesday, May 24: Spring Concert

Friday, June 10: Scarlet and Black performs at graduation


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