Chorus Information – Important!


Dear NAHS Chorus Members and Parents,

I am very excited to begin a new year in the North Andover Choral Program! My name is Sara Durkin, and I am very excited to begin my eighth year as the Choral Director at North Andover High School.

This is going to be a very exciting year. From concerts, to football games, to state and national competitions, the students will be performing and competing at a very high level. Every year the Choral Department grows not just in membership numbers, but also in musicality and ability. The quality of music that has been produced in the past two years is amazing, earning us recognition and accolades on both state and national levels.

In an effort to “go green”, most of our department forms are available electronically. To access the health and dress/tee shirt/tux/jacket order forms for the 2015 – 2016 school year, please scroll down to the links and attachments below. Please note all forms EXCEPT the Medical Information Form attached below will be completed on Google Docs (link below) and submitted electronically. The only two things you will need to bring to Chorus camp are the printed and completed Medical Information Form, and a check for the uniform rental fee. We will also have a schedule posted for electronic sign-off as soon as it is available.

Becoming and being a member of the NAHS music program requires commitment, hard work, and a dedication to both the musical growth and success of our groups. The reward of being a member in this organization is a sense of camaraderie and friendship in addition to the pride that comes with participating in creating a professional quality musical experience.

I look forward to seeing and meeting everyone during the upcoming school year!


Sara Durkin
Choral Director, Fine Arts Facilitator of Collaborative Inquiry


1.  Music Department Health and Emergency Card  (Print and bring with you to chorus camp)

2. Link to Info and Dress/Tux Form (Complete and submit online; bring check payable to NAMA to chorus camp)

3. Link to Schedule Form to complete and submit online:



4. If you’re interested in ordering a chorus jacket, the order form should also be completed online; check payable to NAMA brought to chorus camp.  Jacket Order Form:

Chorus jackets are not required, but they are great quality jackets and the students get a lot of use out of them!




We hope you will join NAMA by making a contribution.  NAMA supports music throughout the public schools and we need your help!  The membership form can be completed online and you can either mail in a check or pay on the website via paypal.  NAMA Membership Form:

And finally, you probably received an earlier email asking you to volunteer for NAMA’s biggest fundraising event of the year on October 3rd. We still need volunteers!  You can also contribute by buying a “best wishes” or business ad in the program:



QUESTIONS about forms can be directed to



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