CORRECTION – SORRY for the second email!!! Please see the corrected email information below in RED for making this fix.

All students (and parents of students) who are in BOTH Band AND Chorus, but are not yet receiving emails for chorus….

It is important your names/students’ names and email addresses are on both the Band and Chorus lists. If you are a student/parent who is in both, and you have not been receiving email for both Band and Chorus over the past few weeks, follow the instructions below as soon as possible. Be watching your email and the Website… Important information for Chorus is on its way to members very soon!

Communication Instructions for all students in BOTH Band and Chorus:
1. When you subscribe to the website, indicate you are both Band and Chorus.
2. When filling out any forms online or otherwise, indicate you are both Band and Chorus.
3. If you have not yet received Chorus information, send your name and email address to, to be added to the Chorus Mailing List.
4. SIGN UP FOR REMIND – You MUST be signed up for REMIND for both Band and Chorus. So you will have multiple REMIND sign Ups. You will belong to the Band REMIND, and Chorus REMIND. NOTE: if you belong to more than one chorus (example, Scarlet and Black), you will also need to sign up for Remind for that chorus as well. (For example, someone in Band, Chorus and Scarlet and Black, will then have 3 REMIND separate sign ups – one for Band, one for Chorus, and one for Scarlet and Black).
Here is the link with instructions on signing up for REMIND for Band:
Here are the REMIND Links for Chorus:
Concert Choir:
Scarlet and Black:
Treble Choir:


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