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Request for parent volunteers for NAMA College Scholarship Committee 
To parents of freshmen, sophomores and juniors in the NAHS chorus, band and color guard,
As you may know, each year NAMA awards college scholarships to seniors in the chorus, band and color guard. 
In order to do this, we call on parents of freshman, sophomores and juniors to serve on the NAMA Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee determines both the number of scholarships and the recipients from our budget of $2,500. For obvious reasons, no senior parents can serve.  The committee is drawn from the general NAMA membership, and typically has from 5-8 members. This task is one of the most fulfilling for the NAMA group. It is exciting and inspiring to read the applications and essays of our incredible senior band, chorus, and color guard students. 
This volunteer task takes just 2 evenings of your time:
  • Evening 1: for you to carefully review the anonymous application package (applications, resumes, essays) against the scoring rubric. Although it varies, there are typically around 10-12 applications to review.
  • Evening 2: to meet with the committee to discuss the applications and come to agreement on the most worthy candidates. 
Please contact me at if you are interested in serving. I’ll be preparing the review packet and coordinating the scholarship review committee meeting. Since I prepare the packets, I cannot serve on the Scholarship Committee itself.
Scholarship applications are due March 20th. (Reminder to seniors and senior parents!) After these are received, I’ll prepare and send out the anonymous package to the committee. I’ll then schedule a Scholarship Committee meeting for sometime in early April, before school vacation, in order to review the package and reach a decision. April 24th is the deadline for responding to the school guidance office. The scholarships will be announced on NAHS Scholarship Knight on June 7th, and awarded at the NAHS Music Department Awards Ceremony, on June 13th.
Since it only asks two evenings of time, this is a way to get involved in NAMA in a time-focused way, and to help NAMA with it’s mission to support our music students. It will give you a chance to meet other parents in the NAHS music program, and get a sense of just how special our music students are. 
Thank you for supporting music in North Andover!
Mark Bohrer, Scholarship Committee Coordinator
VP, North Andover Music Association
NAMA – Supporting Music in North Andover Public Schools
“We Believe in Music”


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