Student Success at Senior Districts!

Congratulations to all the students from Chorus and Band who auditioned for Senior Districts at NAHS last Saturday! And to all the students and parents who volunteered their time at concessions and as hall monitors, many thanks for helping to make the day so successful.

A special tribute goes to the following sixteen students who were accepted to participate in the Northeastern District Massachusetts Honors Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, or Chorus, twelve of whom received an All-State recommendation:

For Chorus:
Hannah Carroll – Soprano *All-State Recommendation
Emily Cummings- Soprano *All-State Recommendation
Ryan Drew- Bass *All-State Recommendation
Will Ferguson- Tenor *All-State Recommendation
Danny Holman- Tenor *All-State Recommendation
Cerena Leaffer- Alto
Joe Paquin- Bass
Alyssa Peltonovich- Soprano *All-State Recommendation
Sam Wright- Tenor *All-State Recommendation

For Band:
Kunal Gala- Snare Drum *All-State Recommendation
Terry Hearst- Snare Drum *All-State Recommendation
Mark Klose- Trumpet *All-State Recommendation
Saurabh Kumar- Clarinet *All-State Recommendation
Will Lauzon- Trumpet
Sydney Seo- Clarinet
Frank Zhou- Alto Saxophone *All-State Recommendation

This is an elite group: of the 1,127 students who auditioned, only 462 (41%) were accepted into Districts, of which only 50% were recommended to audition for the All-State Music Festival. Our students’ success is a testament to the dedication of so many people – teachers, parents, fans, donors, and musicians – to creating such high quality music programs in North Andover. Way to go, Knights!


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