TUESDAY 10/15: 6-9 pm rehearsal at NAMS – Load pit truck at 3:00 pm

WEDNESDAY 10/16: 6-9 pm rehearsal at NAHS

SATURDAY 10/19: NESBA Reading

  • Load truck 1:00 pm at NAHS
  • Rehearsal 2-6 pm at NAMS
  • Load truck, eat, change starting at 6:00 pm
  • Load buses for Reading at 7:00 pm
  • Performance at 8:45 pm

A Note About Attendance

First of all, congratulations on a great show on Sunday! We received a lot of positive feedback and constructive criticism to help us prepare for NESBA Reading. Before we start this week’s rehearsals please take note of the following attendance guidelines.

The success of a marching band relies greatly on the attendance of it’s members. Every rehearsal works to add, clean, and improve our show. At one point this past Saturday we had 19 holes on the field. We understand family commitments and illness happen; but when they do, communication is key. All students should have turned in a rehearsal schedule with any conflicts indicated and backed up with a note from parents, so major family events are known by the staff.

In the event a student is too sick to attend band rehearsal parents should email Mr. Nelson or Mr. Ignos and Meggin Kelly about the illness prior to the start of rehearsal or performance. Unless there is a family emergency or illness, students should never miss a rehearsal for anything not submitted on the paperwork. Homework or part-time employment should never interfere with band rehearsal.

Any absence not cleared by the staff ahead of time is considered an unexcused absence and severely impedes the band’s progress. It is very difficult for student at rehearsal to march drill with holes around them and those missing will inevitably miss important instruction and repetition. We also cannot fine tune our music when we are missing people all over the field.

Anyone with an unexcused absence during the week of a marching show will sit out on the sideline during the performance and their grade will be negatively affected. The student’s of the North Andover High School Marching Band are top notch students and musicians, but we need to work to improve communication and attendance so the band can be the best it can be.

Chris Nelson

Matt Ignos


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