Fellow Bandos:

 Once again, NAHS IS HOSTING NESBA’S!!!                                                                          

What: New England Scholastic Band Association Marching Band Competition

Where:  North Andover High School

When: Saturday October 5, 2013 4pm, gates open at 3!!

Why are we so excited?  This is our annual opportunity for North Andover to showcase the amazing musical talent of our North Andover students, and a significant source of much needed funding. Have you been to a band show?  This is the most fun a bando can stand – and we just gotta share!  Eighteen bands will be descending on Walsh Stadium and AND WE NEED YOU

  1.  In order to host a successful competition we need many volunteers. This is going be great folks, and we have established North Andover as being the “poster” school on how to run an amazing show. We currently have a core group of leaders and lots of opportunities for you to get in the game.  Please put on your volunteer hat and join us for a NESBA Information and Planning Meeting – all interested should attend to learn more. September 26, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM @ NAHS Chorus Room
  2. Every band member needs to pitch in for concession supplies.  Please bring supplies to the band room on Sept 26 at before or after practice 6-9 p
    1. Freshmen – 1or 2 cases – 12 oz cans of soda; diet coke, coke, diet sprite, sprite orange, root beer preferred
    2. Sophomore – case water 16.9 oz water bottles
    3. Juniors – 24 pcs – Full size candy bars; variety packs by Mars or Hersheys  (no fun size please)
    4. Seniors – 2 boxes of Rice Krispie Treats or Nutragrain Bars
  3. Would you like to wish your bando the BEST in our program?  Send in your message via our “Best Wishes” ads!  See attached form – or just email Chris Allen at nandoverchris@hotmail.com



 See you on September 26 at 6:30 PM

Brian Gross


NESBA Coordinator

Please pass this message on!

Best Wishes Ad 2013



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