Parade Season – Be Prepared

The NAHS Scarlet Knights Marching Band is a celebratory face of our school in the North Andover and Merrimack Valley Community.  The Band marches in the Everette Homecoming parade, Veteran’s Day parade, the NA and Andover and Haverhill and Merrimac Winter parades, and in the spring Memorial Day parade.  Marching in parades requires attention to marching preparations. Vigilance by parents and students is needed to ensure that students stay healthy.  Coming to parade assignments rested and fed is essential.

Keep the kids safe by being well fed before a parade. Some good sources of protein can be eggs, even a protein bar will do, granola, yogurt, fruit, even cereal (not those loaded with sugar) will do… but the band members should have a complete breakfast with fruit, protein, and grains.

Because of the length of a parade, it is best to eat a bigger meal 60-120 minutes  to the start of the parade if at all possible.  Also,  a bigger breakfast before the parade followed by a light bar closer to the start of the parade (45minutes) before step off.

As always, hydration is so so so important.  Even in the cool weather, band members should be hydrating at least a day before the parade, with plenty of water that morning.

As we enter our winter parade season, take good care of yourself to stay healthy AND have fun!


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