An important message and video from Mr Goldberg

Hi Gang:

I am, sadly, departing North Andover High School to assume the job of Band Director at Boston University.  It has always been a dream of mine to run a University Band, but I did not expect an opportunity like this would come so soon.  (I certainly did not plan on staying at North Andover for only two short years….) I am staying involved with North Andover throughout the summer and possibly somewhat into the marching band season, and I am going overboard in setting you and the program up for a smooth and successful transition – please watch the video for further clarification.

– Mr. Goldberg

Video of announcement:

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  1. TJ Kelly 13 years ago

    Congratulations, Aaron, on a big step in your career. We are lucky to have had the chance to work with you, learn from you, know you.

    Thank you for sticking around for the summer and (we hope!!) for the fall. That continuity will be great when our new director arrives.

    We’re sad to see you go. But you poured your soul into this program, and we’re all better for it. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. NA has a lot to be proud of after our last few years, and you are a big part of it.

    You’ll be successful at BU. You’d be successful anywhere. And ultimately, we’re lucky you’ll still be in Boston, and appearing at some MICCA or NESBA shows.

    You did as much as any one teacher could do-you left this program better than when you found it. And we know you did much, much more.

    We’ll miss you. We’re sad to lose you. And we’re proud of you.

    Thank you, Mr. Goldberg.

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