MICCA Methuen Video and Photos 10/10/10

Check out a slideshow of photos at today’s  MICCA in Methuen. A Video is below.

Click here to see a Slideshow of North Andover at MICCA in Methuen - feel free to download and use any photos you like. 4 stars out of five!! Good job!!


  1. Kaity 9 years ago

    I was at the MICCA competition today, and was wondering what North Andover’s second song was called. I really enjoyed it.

    • Hi 9 years ago

      The second song is called “Arabian Waltz”

  2. Eric Wagner 9 years ago

    This is my new favorite North Andover show. You guys performed spectacularly, you’re on your way to 5 stars at MICCA finals this year.

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