MICCA Methuen Video and Photos 10/10/10

Check out a slideshow of photos at today’s  MICCA in Methuen. A Video is below.

Click here to see a Slideshow of North Andover at MICCA in Methuen - feel free to download and use any photos you like. 4 stars out of five!! Good job!!


  1. Kaity 14 years ago

    I was at the MICCA competition today, and was wondering what North Andover’s second song was called. I really enjoyed it.

    • Hi 14 years ago

      The second song is called “Arabian Waltz”

  2. Eric Wagner 14 years ago

    This is my new favorite North Andover show. You guys performed spectacularly, you’re on your way to 5 stars at MICCA finals this year.

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