NAPS Music Families: Let Them Sing! and Let Them Play!–Urgent Action Requested

Students across Massachusetts have lost a lot in the past 15 months. For many, that includes the opportunity to rehearse and perform music with their peers due to the required 10 feet of distancing for masked singing and playing wind instruments.  In neighboring states including New York, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, updated guidelines now allow students to sing and play with 6 feet of distance. The CDC is also recommending 6 foot distancing. While our first priority as a community must be keeping students and teachers safe it’s time that this requirement change. 

With Governor Baker’s announcement that the majority of public health restrictions and social distancing guidelines  – including singing and instrument playing in public spaces – will be lifted May 29th, many students early awaited a similar announcement for performing music in public schools.

Alas, they are still waiting. 

Please take a moment to let our state and educational leaders know it’s time to adjust these guidelines to match our peer states. Please click for an already-prepared letter you can automatically send to key education policy makers in Massachusetts. Please do it today! It will take you less than 5 minutes.

Thank you for helping with this important arts-education advocacy effort.


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