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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered here, send us your questions!! Check the “contact us” section of our website and find out who might be able to answer your question (Chaperone Coordinator, Fundraising Chair, Publicity Chair…)

Can I own a taped copy of concert performances?
Concerts are usually taped and can be viewed on the local access channel or this website. Efforts will be made to list those program dates and times on our music website.

What are NAMA Membership Dues used for?
NAMA supports numerous activities, supplies and events throughout the year and throughout the entire North Andover Public School system music department. Your Membership Dues, along with money raised through numerous fundraising events, fund these to benefit all in the music program.

Why are music students asked to do fundraising activities and why are there so many of them?
All the money raised by North Andover Music Association fundraising activities go directly to the music programs in our public schools. Since the students and their programs are the beneficiaries of the funds, we feel that the students should share responsible to help earn some of it. As the number of music students increases, so does the need for financial support. This is simply a fact. NAMA is very active in helping to pick up areas students and teachers would have to do without simply because of cuts in the budget. In recent years, we have helped support areas of transportation, purchasing requested or additional sheet music, paying stipends for assistants and concert accompanists, uniform and equipment purchase and repair. We have enabled several elementary school music classes to take field trips by supplementing the cost of the trip making it affordable for all. We provide beverage refreshment for our marchers and at CABARET and the Awards Dinner.

How can I get involved?
See the Contact Us section of the website for a list of officers and their contact information OR speak with your student’s music teacher. Your student may also talk with a student officer for information on how to get involved. There are many ways you can help and all levels of involvement.
During marching season there is a full calendar of events like football games, parades and band show competitions requiring adult chaperones to escort the band. Uniforms are distributed and collected each fall and spring. Quite a task with our growing band!
Fundraising ALWAYS has activities underway and a constant need for volunteers to man sales tables or ticket windows, reach into the community for sponsorship and support from businesses and corporations, provide baked goods or new ideas!
Every 2 years, our music students journey on a trip of musical learning and competition. The trip planning committee works on every detail of these trips in advance so it’s a smooth and enjoyable event for all. Each spring, the Scholarship Committee assembles to begin the pleasant task of awarding NAMA scholarships from an incredible pool of worthy and talented music students. We’re sure we have an opening in an area of interest to you. Please contact us and get involved. It’s tremendously rewarding to work with the terrific staff and students of the North Andover Music Department and your help will be valued!

What is the Awards Dinner in June?
The Awards Dinner is the Music Department’s opportunity to make note of every student’s contribution throughout the school year. NAMA purchases all the awards presented during the evening. It is a chance for ALL families of students in the high school chorus and band to come together and celebrate the family ‘music’. It is a potluck meal, with all food provided by our music families and served buffet style. The Awards Dinner is a wonderful way to celebrate the successes and end of the school year.

What is my responsibility for care of my marching uniform?
Your uniform is the property of North Andover Public Schools and represents a large portion of department dollars. It is representative of your school and your town and should be treated and worn with pride.
Uniforms should never be put away when wet, but should be naturally air-dried. If, during the marching season, your uniform gets particularly dirty (i.e. spills, mud), it is your responsibility to have it dry cleaned at that time. We recommend Kim’s Cleaners on Chickering Road, as they have taken good care of our uniforms for several years now. When not being worn, your uniform should be neatly hung inside its protective garment bag. Your marching shoes are a part of your uniform and should also be cleaned of dirt and mud. After the Memorial Day Parade and the conclusion of marching season, NAMA will announce a uniform collection date. A dry cleaning fee with be collected with your uniform and it will be examined for repair.

Why do students need to attend all these marching band dates? It’s a very full fall schedule.
Yes, it is indeed a full fall schedule that many newcomers find challenging. As every band member knows, their marching program is designed for all members of the band and absences cause holes in formations and with that, difficulty for adjacent marchers. The band performs as a unit and each member is an important link. The marching band also performs in MICCA competitions that are likened to “labs” for their music class. North Andover High School Band has several parades opportunities, as well. Three are hometown parades where civic duty and pride prevail, while others are invitational in which the band is paid to perform, earning money for their music program.