Board Position Responsibilities

All board members attend and provide input at monthly board and general member meetings, communicate regularly for volunteer requirements and assist each other as needed.  Meetings are typically held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Most positions can be shared by two or more people.

* Indicates an anticipated open position or co-chair for the 2022-2023 school year.


  • Prepare agenda and conduct monthly board meetings.
  • Collaborate and communicate with teachers to reach mutual goals.
  • Schedule some NAMA fundraisers and events and obtain Use of Facilities approvals.
  • Maintain required communication with school committee regarding acceptance and acknowledgement of monetary and non-monetary donations.
  • Represent and promote NAMA at concerts, events and in the community.
  • Oversee board positions.

Vice President (Co-VP*)

  • Organizes summer BBQ for the end of Band Camp
  • Organizes and Coordinates the Senior Recognition Night at a football game.
  • Creates a Scholarship Committee, communicates with guidance to submit and obtain the application material, and works with the committee to choose scholarship winners.
  • Assist with organizing Awards Night in the Spring including ordering trophies and announcing
  • Help represent NAMA at events.
  • Fill in for president when needed at monthly board meetings.

Treasurer *

  • Prepare yearly Budget for approval
  • Report on Budget during monthly meetings
  • Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable using Quickbooks
  • Invoicing using PayPal and Google Forms
  • Produce yearly federal and state required documentation including Federal Form 990 and State Form Public Charity, State Annual Filing of officers
  • File 1099-Misc with government and contractors
  • Manage cash box for fundraisers such as NESBA, Concerts, Adult fundraisers, Car Washes.
  • Weekly accessing of mail box at NAHS during business hours, banking at TD Bank branch on Main Street.
  • Report to Corresponding Secretary all monetary donations received


  • Assist with duties directed by Treasurer including:
    • – Check collection and deposits. This may include fundraising checks, donations from NAHS families and area businesses, and payments for band/chorus fees.
    • – Manage cash boxes at fundraising events such as NESBA. Distributing/collecting cash, security, counting, and depositing funds.
    • – Report on Budget at monthly NAMA meetings when Treasurer is unavailable.
    • – Any other or miscellaneous tasks as requested by Treasurer Secretary.
    • – Take notes at monthly meetings and publish them to board members. Once approved, post minutes to the web site.

Band Uniform Coordinator

  • Maintain uniform related inventory. Track parts issued and returned.
  • Order parts needed for marching season. (shoes, bags, gloves, berets, etc.)
  • Organize distribution and collection of uniforms and parts.
  • Organize annual cleaning of uniforms
  • Organize inspection and repairs of uniforms parts: (via volunteers, vendors)
  • Support marching season by checking that players are outfitted correctly for competition.
  • Communicate with Band Director regarding schedules and needs.

Chorus Uniform Coordinator *

  • Coordinates the distribution and collection of chorus dresses and tuxedos.
  • Keeps a database of students, payment information and uniform identifying numbers.
  • Schedules distribution and collection times and coordinates to have additional parent volunteers to assist.
  • Measures some students and orders additional uniform parts as needed.
  • Coordinates with teachers to track down students who need uniforms and those who need to pass them in.


  • Write press releases for submission to local newspapers and post on the North Andover Patch. Submit with photographs when possible.
  • Share news and calendar items with appropriate school principals and superintendent.
  • Post relevant information to the “Events and News” section of the NAMA website.
  • Post events, news, and photographs to social media accounts when appropriate.
  • Act as liaison between NAMA and NACAM; record performances when possible, edit, and submit to CAM to air on local cable channels.
    • – Upload video recordings to Facebook and YouTube.
    • – Photograph events (or collect photographs) for use in the items above.

Membership Chair

  • Update and periodically distribute a letter addressed to NAHS and NAMS parents encouraging them to join NAMA.

Corresponding Secretary *

  • Writes thank you note for donations, both monetary and in kind, to NAMA. This thank you note also acts as a tax receipt.
  • Coordinates with the Membership Chair to acknowledge membership donations.

Stipend Committee

  • Promote the stipend program by reminding teachers, parents and students about it, and maintain application postings on the web site.
  • Review applications as they as come in via email, check that a teacher has signed, and inform the student, parent and the treasurer of acceptance.
  • Track stipends promised and paid via a spreadsheet. Track students’ annual stipend awards
  • Work with NAMA treasurer to make sure payments are made after event is attended.
  • Update posted procedure and forms as needed.

Volunteer Coordinator (Co-Coordinator*)

  • Responsible for soliciting volunteers and chaperones for NAMA and music related activities. May include band camp barbecue, marching band competitions, football games, parades, band and chorus concerts, band and chorus local competitions or performances and NAMA fundraisers.
  • Create a SignUp Genius and distribute it via the website and via gmail.
  • Ensure that volunteers are signed up and communicate to board members and/or teachers in charge of the event.
  • Provide guidance at volunteer events to new chaperones.
  • Coordinate CORI paperwork and record keeping.
  • Keep a database of volunteers throughout the year.

Communications Coordinator

  • Post important information, advertisements, announcements, events, and documents to the NAMA Website and FB – Information may come from NAMA, Teachers, Music Dept, etc.
  • Email communications via website and Mailchimp as needed per teachers, Music Dept., or NAMA
  • Maintain, modify, update the NAMA Mailchimp Database, Website, Google Calendar, FB Page, as needed/requested per NAMA, Teachers, Music Dept.

NAMS Liaison and Event Coordinator *

  • Present at NAMAs concerts and events and acts as communication liaison between NAMA and NAMS teachers.
  • Communicates with NAMS teachers and NAMA board to determine volunteer needs for NAMS music events.
  • Solicits and coordinates NAMS parent volunteers to assist at concerts and events at NAMS.

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Communicates with the NAMA Board to establish a fundraising plan to meet the annual budget needs.
  • Plans and conducts fundraisers which may include concert raffles and concessions, NESBA show, adult fundraiser, scarf/towel etc. sales, car washes, etc.
  • Coordinates volunteers at fundraising events.