For the NESBA home show (October 5th), every band member needs to pitch in for concession supplies as assigned below.
  • For parents attending the NESBA Volunteers meeting on September 26th (tonight at 6:30 pm), please drop off the donations in the band room before the meeting.
  • For students whose parents are not attending the volunteer meeting (see first bullet), please bring supplies to the band room on September 26th (today) before or after band rehearsal (6-9 pm). Alternatively  bring the supplies to the band room before the football game Friday night (September 27th). Do NOT bring supplies on Saturday.
Concession Assignments
  • Freshmen: one or two cases of 12 oz. canned soda; diet coke, coke, diet sprite, sprite orange, and root beer preferred
  • Sophomores: a case of water (16.9 oz. bottles)
  • Juniors: twenty-four full size candy bars; variety packs by Mars or Hersheys (no “fun size” please)
  • Seniors: two boxes of Rice Krispie Treats or NutraGrain Bars


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