Opportunity for Chorus Students!

A friend and colleague of Mrs. Durkin’s, Mark Mercer (the Choral Director at Andover High School), started up a theater company in Andover called Revolution Theater Company. They are doing “Titanic” the musical this fall, but in concert form. They are in need of people to participate as part of the 100-person chorus for the show, and Mr. Mercer asked if any of our students would be interested in performing in the chorus. The schedule is listed below with some information. All rehearsals and performances would take place at the Collins Center at Andover High School; see below for schedule and further information. Anyone interested should contact Mr. Mercer directly at mark@revolutiontheatercompany.com.

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule:
1. Tuesday, September 1 – 6pm-10pm (first rehearsal, read through)
(September 2-28 – Rehearse on your own with rehearsal tracks and music that we will provide.)
2. Tuesday, September 29 – 6pm-10pm (full company rehearsal)
3. Thursday, October 1 – 6pm-10pm (full company rehearsal)
4. Tuesday, October 6 – 6pm-10pm (with orchestra)
5. Thursday, October 8 – 6pm-10pm (with orchestra)
6. Friday, October 9 – 6pm call, 7:30 show
7. Saturday, October 10 – 6pm call, 7:30 show

Answers to a few “Frequently Asked Questions”:

– As this is a concert version of the show, you won’t have to wear any crazy costumes.  Concert attire will be black dress clothes, head to toe.  Jacket and tie is not required for the men, but something like a black collared button-up shirt, black slacks (not jeans), and black dress shoes would be appropriate.  Ladies – something similar. 🙂

– You will also not be required to memorize anything!  We do ask that you bring a regular black 3-ring binder for your music.  We do ask that you *not* sing from a tablet/iPad, as it will distract from our lighting design for the concert.

– Speaking of music… very shortly, we will post sheet music for you all.  We’ll mark it so that it’s clear when the chorus sings and doesn’t sing.  We’ll minimize the amount of pages, to help ease with page turns, etc, so we’ll only post what you absolutely need.  We would certainly appreciate it if you could print these out, so we don’t have to print copies for everyone in the 100+ member chorus.  However, we don’t want to inconvenience you, and we will have some on hand for those who need it.  The vocal books we have from the rental company only include a single line for the vocal part.  We know some of you would prefer to see a “piano-vocal score” to follow along with the accompaniment, so we will also post a PDF of that – however costs would just prohibit us from printing copies of the 469-page score for everyone.  You’re more than welcome, though.

– Yes, we really have a FULL ORCHESTRA for the show.  Right now it’s looking like around 35-40 players, including a full string section.  (We could take one or two more violins and violas and maybe a cello, so if you know anyone, send ’em my way!)  It’s going to be pretty fantastic.

– Also very shortly, we will post some rehearsal tracks for you to be able to practice your parts from home.  We want to make this as easy as possible for everyone, so we promise to get you everything you’ll need.

As noted above, we’ll be making a specific PDF of your music that is marked and notated for you with certain notes you’ll need (when to sing, when to stand/sit, etc).  In the meantime, though, if you’d like to get a “sneak peek” at the Piano-Conductor score, or listen to the Original Broadway Cast Recording, everything is posted at:  http://www.tomcoxmusic.com/_share/Titanic/
(Please don’t plan on that being your “permanent” music – but if you’d like to use it for now to get acquainted with the show, by all means, go for it!)

One final note (and maybe the most important so far)… PLEASE SHARE THIS OPPORTUNITY with your friends and colleagues!  Our goal is to have 100+ members in the chorus.  We still need a few more to meet that goal (especially guys, but we have openings in each section).  Anyone high school age through 115 years old is more than welcome to join us.  Anyone interested or with questions can contact us directly (tom@revolutiontheatrecompany.com or 978-866-5537), or they can just sign up directly on our website (http://www.revolutiontheatrecompany.com/#!auditions/zwxzc).

Thanks so much!  We are very much looking forward to meeting and working with you all!
Mark Mercer and Tom Cox



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